How justice works

Innocent Until Proven Guilty

Recent news stories of our representation of police officers have elicited hate mail and threatening phone calls. I believe most of the callers have good intentions overall, though emotion is overstepping reason. And I can understand the point of view they have based on what they currently know. However, there are many more facts than are now in the record. 
In any criminal case, the accused must have their day in court. Regardless of who the accused is, without due process any of us could wind up imprisoned for no reason. 
With regard to our representations, we don't come to conclusions easily. We don't talk with the media frequently. But when an injustice is occurring, we will do everything possible to clear our clients, whoever they may be. 
Please continue to have the thirst for truth and follow our case to the end. The facts will come out as they can. In the end, the story will be told.