In Legal Terms

I was honored to be a guest on Mississippi Public Broadcasting’s “In Legal Terms” this week talking about alcohol laws. You can listen here.

New Laws in Mississippi, Part 2

More laws going into effect this year in the Great State of Mississippi: This is the second of a two-part series. See Part 1 here. “Left-lane law” If you are

New Laws in Mississippi, Part 1

It’s that time of the year again. The Mississippi legislature has completed its 2018 session. Many new laws have been passed in that great attempt to attain a Utopian society,

Gun Laws

Very tragically and quite unfortunately, the nation is focused again on gun laws. The best justice system in the world will deal with this senseless school shooting in Florida. Nobody

Free Consultation?

One of the things lawyers can do to confuse the public is the offer of a “free consultation.” Something free! Great! Something free from a lawyer! Super great! Well, the

Federal Courts and a Shutdown

What happens to the federal courts if the government shuts down? Under the Antideficiency Act, enacted in 1884, the federal courts are deemed an essential service and will continue to

Child Support: When Does it End?

Mississippi has long held that child support obligations are fully vested when due. That means a monthly payment is due that month. Mississippi has also long held that past support

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