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Contract Review


Never face criminal charges without a lawyer on your side. Criminal charges can be brought in City Court, Justice Court, County Court, Circuit Court, or Federal Court. Springer Law Office handles criminal matters in all Mississippi Courts.

Wage and Hour

The Fair Labor Standards Act regulates how many employees are paid. If you think you are not getting the minimum wage or are being forced to work for time you are not being paid for, contact us today. If your case is successful, you can get double what you have not been paid and the employer has to pay your legal fees.

Power of Attorney

Wills and Probate

Our laws allow us to transfer ownership of our property when we pass from this life. Having a will makes this process much easier for those we leave behind. You need a lawyer that can advise you how to leave your things to those you love and can be there to ensure your will is probated properly.

Employment Law

If you have an appeal to an administrative agency, whether for your professional license or for employee discipline, we can handle your case. Time is of the essence. Call today.