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Small business owners and workers need legal advice quite often. At Springer Law, I advise Mississippi businesses and their workers to ensure continued success.

Fair Labor Standards Act

Everyone is entitled to a working environment that allows them to succeed. Unfortunately, there are times when businesses attempt to take advantage of their employees.

Disputes often arise over minimum wage. Understandably, employers want to play less than the established amount. Doing so saves them money. However, Mississippi workers need this income to survive. At Springer Law, I demand justice for workers denied their fair wages. Likewise, I can challenge employers that deny overtime payments and pregnant women break time to nurse their children.

Unemployment Insurance Appeals

Unemployment benefits can run out or be denied well before the recipient has found a job. When this happens, they may face problems surviving. Springer Law can help draft an appeal to persuade the authorities to continue the payments. Withholding needed funds is unfair but happens all the time. There are even cases when the government may act punitively and deny unemployment insurance. Families burdened with bills, monthly rent, and medical expenses do not need to have their benefits withheld for arbitrary reasons.

Civil Service Appeals

Going before the Civil Service Commission can be daunting. Job seekers want to succeed but often do not know how. The process should be objective and fair but that is not always the case. To improve the odds of receiving justice in civil service disciplinary hearings, certification board reviews, and layoff challenges, Mississippians can count on me at Springer Law.

The state set up civil service guidelines to ensure that any eligibility applicant has as equal a chance at getting a job as the next person. Springer Law can be there to question and challenge those who seek to hire and promote based on personal preferences rather than the set standards.

Mississippi Employment Appeals

Since 1980, the Mississippi Employment Appeals Board has heard challenges to actions taken against state employees.

Those holding coveted state jobs know they are fortunate. These people hope to have a long career and retire happily. Then, for some reason they face a disciplinary action or reduction in pay. Others may be denied a deserved promotion. Regardless, there is an appeals process to make things right.

The problem is that few employees have the legal background to decipher the rules. They make mistakes that cost them their chance to receive justice. Springer Law is dedicated to ensuring fair appeal hearings.

Licensure Board Appeals

Getting a professional license is not easy in Mississippi. It is not unheard of for people to be denied because of past criminal convictions. The officials may believe the crime related to the job. Nevertheless, reality can be different. Others may be denied because of poor credit. These reasons may be unfair and deserve to be appealed. Springer Law helps those who deserve the chance to prove that they can handle the responsibilities entailed in certain professional possibilities despite their past histories.

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